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Company profile

Company profile

  Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Longxin Sharing Packing Technology Co., Ltd. was certified in terms of ISO9000 Quality Certification System in 2010. Focused on the R&D and design of various PP turnover boxes (electronic) and large boarding boxes (logistics), we are also available to provide professional design and safe products according to the requirements of the customer.
  Jiangsu Longxin Sharing Packing Technology Co., Ltd. is located to Taihu Lake in Suzhou with an occupied factory area of approximately ten thousand square meters and product portfolio of injection molding and blister products. Thanks to our outstanding management team, we offer professional training and provide high-quality platform as well as the space for development to our employees.
  Jiangsu Longxin Sharing Packing Technology Co., Ltd. attached importance to the R&D of large boarding boxes and logistics transportation in 2012. After attentive preparation and market development of more than one year, the company has cultivated a large number of professional R&D personnel and developed various technologies and design plans for large boarding boxes. After product marketing for three years as well as continuous R&D and improvement, the first generation of manufacturing equipment for boarding boxes is replaced by the third generation of equipment which is currently under utilization. In addition, the product quality is improved and perfected continuously. In this manner, we have gained a good reputation among the customers and thus winning contracts from many high-quality customers, including Bosch, China Post Group, Remacro, Tongming, China Packing Jingli Pallet Pooling System Corporation, Swell, etc.
  Jiangsu Longxin Sharing Packing Technology Co., Ltd. became the member of "Suzhou Plastics Industry Chamber of Commerce" in 2013 and was named "Jiangsu Provincial Quality Trustworthy Unit" in 2014. In addition, we own multiple patents for invention.